Driver Notebook Gateway NV55C Download Windows 7 64bit

Gateway NV55C driver is an application to control Gateway NV55C Series laptop / notebook. You need to install a driver to use on Laptop/Notebook. The URL link provided on this website is not hosted on our own hosting server but it is directed to the official support website of the manufacturer. For more information about this driver you can read more from official website.

Driver notebook Gateway NV55C download Windows 7 64bit
Driver notebook Gateway NV55C download Windows 7 64bit

Gateway NV55C Notebook driver

  • Intel SATA AHCI Driver - Download (10Mb)
  • Intel iAMT Driver - Download (5.3Mb)
  • Realtek Audio Driver - Download (95.8Mb)
  • Atheros Bluetooth Driver for Windows 7 SP1 - Download (100Mb)
  • Atheros Bluetooth Driver (3.0) - Download (63.6Mb)
  • Atheros Bluetooth Driver - Download (67.9Mb)
  • Broadcom Bluetooth Driver (3.0) - Download (59Mb)
  • Broadcom Bluetooth Driver - Download (59Mb)
  • Realtek Card Reader Driver - Download (8.3Mb)
  • Intel Chipset Driver - Download (2.3Mb)
  • Broadcom LAN Driver - Download (10.8Mb)
  • ELANTECH Touchpad Driver - Download (13.2Mb)
  • Synaptics Touchpad Driver - Download (29.5Mb)
  • Intel Turbo Boost Driver - Download (1.1Mb)
  • AMD VGA Driver - Download (241Mb)
  • Intel VGA Driver - Download (77.6Mb)
  • NVIDIA VGA Driver (Physx) - Download (24.8Mb)
  • NVIDIA VGA Driver - Download (233Mb)
  • Intel WiMax Driver - Download (159Mb)
  • Atheros Wireless LAN Driver - Download (11.6Mb)
  • Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver - Download (33.6Mb)
  • Realtek Wireless LAN Driver - Download (17.3Mb)

Gateway NV55C Notebook BIOS/Firmware

  • Gateway BIOS - Download (6.7Mb)
  • Gateway Updates panel ID table to v2.5 for support LP156WH4-TLA1. - Download (6.7Mb)
  • Gateway Fixes sometimes system time will be set to default value. - Download (6.7Mb)
  • Gateway 1. Fixes sometimes system can't auto resume from S3 by RTC wake. 2. Adds NV N13M-GE3/N13P-GL2 Optimus VGA. 3. Fixes password function of WMI fail. - Download (6.7Mb)
  • Gateway Updates N12P-GV3 SKU using 65W adapter. - Download (6.7Mb)
  • Gateway Adds VBIOS and optimus function for nVidia N12P-GV3 and remove VBIOS of Capilano VGA. - Download (6.7Mb)
  • Gateway 1. Updates logo resolution to 1024x768. 2. Fixes sometimes system will reboot during POST while using Seagate 500G HDD - Download (6.6 Mb)
  • Gateway Updates OEM SLIC table of non-Windows OS to 0xFF - Download (6.6Mb)
  • Gateway Updates Camera module ID - Download (6.6Mb)
  • Gateway 1. Fixes BIOS setup menu will show display mode option after winflash. 2. Updates N12P-NV Optimus use 65W adapter - Download (6.6Mb)
  • Gateway 1. Fixes battery tool will show Manufacture Name while use SAMSUNG SDI 6 cell battery.
  • 2. Adds new VGA nVidia N12P-GV optimus and remove N11P-GV2H VBIOS. - Download (6.6Mb)
  • Gateway Updates Lite-on and Chicony camera module - Download (6.6Mb)
  • Gateway Fixes sometimes will BSOD 0xD1 when enable computrace in Windows XP - Download (6.6Mb)
  • Gateway Updates AMD Robson-XT VBIOS to BR38861.003 for Samsung VRAM 900MHZ - Download (8.7Mb)
  • Gateway Supports CPU I7-640M - Download (8.7Mb)
  • Gateway 1. Updates detect Optimus VRAM type and Size. 2. Updates Nvidia N11P-GE VBIOS to - Download (8.7Mb)
  • Gateway Updates Panel ID Table V1.8 - Download (8.7Mb)
  • Gateway 1. Updates Nvidia N12PGS VBIOS to 2. Updates Chicony Camera modules - Download (6.5Mb)
  • Gateway 1. Updates nVidia N12P-GS VBIOS to 70.08.2A.00.04. 2. Adds Foxconn BT module in INT15. 3. Updates Panel ID table to v1.7, add AUO B156XW02 V6. 4. Updates nVidia N12P-GS Optimus cookie - Download (6.5Mb)
  • Gateway 1. Updates ATI RobsonXT VBIOS. 2. Updates nVidia N12P-GS VBIOS - Download (6.5Mb)
  • Gateway 1. Supports USER can't flash to old BIOS version after BIOS v1.05. 2. Fixes wrong VBIOS version show in setup menu on N11PGE optimus platform. 3. Fixes BSOD 0xA5 on windows scroll bar with N11PGE optimus platform. 4. Modifies the SSID to 0488 in hybrid mode. 5. Changes method of restore DGPU device register with N11PGE optimus platform. 6. Changes nVidia N11PGE optimus VBIOS from 7008190006 to 7008190005 - Download (10.8Mb)

Gateway NV55C Notebook Application

  • Acer Updater - Download (7.8Mb)
  • Gateway Application (Screensaver) - Download (10.1Mb)
  • Chicony WebCam Application - Download (5.8Mb)
  • Suyin WebCam Application - Download (4.9Mb)
  • liteon WebCam Application - Download (9.2Mb)
  • Dritek LaunchManager Application - Download (6.1Mb)
  • Intel Turbo Boost Application (Monitor) - Download (17.3Mb)
  • Gateway ePower Management Application - Download (9.7Mb)

Gateway NV55C Notebook Documents

  • Panasonic MSDS, UN38.3, CNAS of Battery pack for transportation - Download (993Kb)

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